Afends was born out of the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia in 2006 and created off the back of a small screen printing business by Declan Wise and Jono Salfield. Afends is an innovative and sustainably minded brand built from the culture of surfing and skateboarding. Afends is leading the way as a fashion brand with a core focus on organic hemp, natural and organic fibres. Afends is honest and transparent about its supply chain and the certifications their suppliers hold. Afends collections evolve and adapt but remain true to their timeless and expressive design while inspiring and educating people on the environment. Afends is sustainability through innovation, action and positive change.

Afends Afends
Afends uses 100% sustainable fibres to create their collections, using hemp, organic cotton, tencel and recycled poly. Afends fibres are certified with Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard. Afends developed a Sustainable Fabrics Standard using data from Higg MSI, life cycle analysis, garment care and circularity to rank fabrics based on their environmental impact to consciously pick the most sustainable fibres.
Afends seeks to partner with suppliers who share a common vision and purpose of sustainability, accountability and transparency. Afends Ethical Sourcing Standards outlines their program towards creating partnerships where the responsibility for workers welfare is shared between themselves and their manufacturers. Approved Afends suppliers, adhere to two criteria: Sustainable Fabric Standards. (SFS) and Ethical Sourcing Standards (ESS). Their suppliers are required to follow requirements for ethical and legal operations, have existing compliance certifications (ranked three to five stars) and work in partnership to seek further certifications and work with external audits to continually improve the future of their workers.
Afends is consciously committed to their local and global community and are involved in a number of projects from collaborating with artists to working alongside non-profit organisations to raise awareness and funds for causes close to their purpose and values towards creating a brighter future for the planet and people.