Launched in 2016, Autark was founded as a response to both the needs of the modern woman and the wide-ranging impact of the fashion industry on the world.

Autark designs are striking, investment pieces created from the most luxurious of silks, organic cottons, linens and an array of natural fibers, that are carefully considered in their construction for maximum wearability and versatility. Pieces are reflective not only in their function, juxtaposition of fabrics and minute detail but in the way they are constructed, in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia.

Production is monitored to ensure that wastage is minimised through the limited and attentive production of pieces, and that all autark garments are created ethically and fairly. Innovative and bold yet feminine designs are the hallmark of autark pieces, created for a woman who is strong, individual, and knows her own mind.

Autark Autark
Born and bred in Adelaide, Australia autark founder, Sophia knew that she wanted local manufacturing to be the foundation of autark. The benefits of this approach have been beyond their expectations; the relationships formed with the autark manufacturing team mean that they can ensure the production of your garments is as elevated and meticulous as the final product, and that the industry in Adelaide is supported to grow and thrive. Autark are incredibly proud that 80% of their pieces are manufactured in Adelaide, with the remainder in Melbourne.
At autark the choice of fabric for their garments is taken very seriously. The use of 100% natural fibres ensures both comfort for the wearer's skin and minimises the devastating impact of synthetic microfibers when laundering. Natural fibres are also a renewable resource and are biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle. They utilise dead stock fabric, GOTS organic fibers and/or responsibly sourced materials such as Tencel for all of their designs. Deadstock fabric is an excess product of the fashion industry, and when not utilised may end up being thrown away. It is a joy for autark to be able to breathe new life into these exquisite fibres.
Autark are cognisant of their impacts at every point of their production, and are proud to have eliminated all plastic from their packaging, from swing tags, right through to sticky tape we use on our parcels. Local production has eliminated the use of garment bags, and the use of biodegradable packing satchels, paper branding materials and boxing means products can arrive completely plastic free.