Hyde & Stone

Born in Australia, Hyde & Stone is an effortless luxury label that responsibly curates wardrobe essentials to transcend season and time. Each collection is an exploration of the interplay between undone ease and flattering form, tailoring high quality fabrics into versatile and timeless silhouettes.

Made to oscillate effortlessly between seaside or trattoria, each collection is designed to endure like the time-softened linens and silks they’re tailored from.

From a lineage of tailors, Australian designer Jemyma Kavanagh focuses on effortless form and meticulously crafted fits in each Hyde & Stone collection. Working with a canvas of fine natural fibres, the label exemplifies timeless and feminine silhouettes. With a design execution that’s inherently responsible, from high quality fabrics to eternal structures, Kavanagh reimagines luxury as a lifestyle to be found in the everyday.

Hyde & Stone Hyde & Stone
Hyde and Stone offer a core line of linen pieces with small capsule collection offerings each season. The majority of textiles that are sourced are 100% or as close to natural materials, with the aim to source more sustainable fabrics in the future.
Hyde & Stone’s approach to sustainability is considered, based on timeless design, ethical manufacturing and natural textiles. Committed to Australian made manufacturing only to meet the demand of customers to ensure less waste on the environment. The Designer Jemyma Kavanagh is devoted to an in house design development business model, while still working closely with the production team in Sydney to ensure all garments maintain the highest standard of quality and safe business practices. Each piece is designed to become a wardrobe staple, a well-made garment that will remain in your wardrobe for years.