Grounded on the philosophy of everyday luxury, Marle is a thoughtfully designed and consciously created New Zealand womens ready-to-wear brand by Juliet Souter.

Crafted to be cherished for a lifetime, each piece is inspired by the luxurious and durable, natural fibres and fabrics synonymous with Marle. Marle reimagines luxury through a lens of timeless essentials and a connection to nature.

Marle Marle
Marle works exclusively with natural fibres and fabrics for their durable and luxurious benefits and the ability to return to the earth and break down naturally, without contributing to landfill. Each piece is designed with intention, quality and longevity in mind and are crafted from wool (ZQ certification), organic cotton, linen, hemp and silk.
Marle believes their production should positively impact every person in their supply chain. They strongly value the importance of relationships and knowing their suppliers first-hand to ensure workplace safety and practices. Marle is in daily communication and regularly conduct face-to-face visits. Their knitwear factory is Gold WRAP certified and two suppliers have signed Marle’s in-house Code of Compliance.
Marle aims to tread lightly and reduce its impact on the environment through the elimination of single-use plastics and synthetic fibres used in their care lables, safe and minimised use of chemicals, biodegradable bags, working with un-dyed fabrics when possible and sea freight over air shipments. Marle is on a journey with their approach to sustainability and are continually learning and evolving with technological advancements, innovation and new fabrics being created.