Sunset Lover

Sunset Lover is a new brand, created for the responsible and conscious individual. A lover of individual style. Leaning into style, rather than prescribing to fashion. Chasing their dreams. Standing for what they believe in. They have integrity, a solid foundation, and a modern approach to life.

With every sunset, there is an opportunity to R.I.S.E. Grounded in authenticity, Sunset Lover's philosophy of Modern Design encompasses the duty to drive responsible impact for society and the environment. They prioritise style over fashion, and design to empower the community to celebrate and express their individuality. Their mindful and conscious approach to every business decision can imbue confidence that every investment into their brand, is an investment into the future of our people and planet, the New Luxury.

Sunset Lover Sunset Lover
Sunset Lover's sustainability goals encompass preferred fibres, nontoxic chemicals and social responsibility. They recognise the need to be able to identify all elements of their products and ensure that they are responsibly sourced, and effectively prove it with relevant documentation. Supply chain transparency is imperative to ensure their partners are working to their policies, as well as maintaining compliance with local laws. To achieve transparency, Sunset Lover are working with their partners to map their entire supply chain - becoming a 3D organisation. Their aim is to have an insight into each Tier of their supply chain - from raw materials all the way through to brand level. Sunset Lover has a Code of Conduct which is signed by their partners on a yearly basis.
Sunset Lover's fibre portfolio has been carefully developed in line with their commitments to circular design principles, community, and innovation. There is a strong focus on traceability and certification, to ensure their production minimises its impact on people and planet. Regeneration and biodiversity are a key focus to Sunset Lover and their sustainability journey will work towards the transition of their portfolio of preferred fibres through developing key partnerships with industry and investing in innovations.
Sunset Lover takes a modern approach to design - employing circular design strategies, prioritising style over fashion, investing in high quality and timeless pieces that form the staple of the modern wardrobe and leaning into the opportunity that clothing provides as a vehicle of storytelling. Sunset Lover has an unwavering commitment to sourcing and investing in fibres that promote the health and wellbeing of the earth - align to the most relevant climate strategies and nurture the skills of the makers. They carefully work towards selecting the highest quality of ethical and sustainable materials to ensure your favourites last a lifetime. Unique multi-functional garment designs with specific wrap or tie details, intended to be worn multiple ways. Scarfe prints, statement knitwear, outerwear and tailoring are key to the brand identity. They only produce small, curated collections offering thoughtful transparent inclusive product.