UNIK was founded in 2018 by Elin, Camilla and Luci who first met working in the fashion space in Sydney.

With a vision of creating intuitive, elegant pieces that stand the test of time, UNIK was born for the modern wardrobe, crafted from natural fabrics and enduring colours: a foundation for individuals to evolve on.

UNIKSPACE celebrates a minimalist aesthetic with a romantic twist. With a focus on craftsmanship and the use of natural fabrics, they create elevated pieces with functionality, longevity and versatility in mind. With a strong commitment to slow fashion and a way of life undefined by seasons or trends, Unikspace design for a life where luxury is defined by ease and elegance.

Their core values include community and connection to the environment. Recognising their responsibility to the planet and their makers who carefully bring their visions to life, UNIK build a brand with an openness that guides them to design and produce with thoughtful practices in mind.

Unikspace Unikspace
UNIK partner's with Artisans in Bali, Indonesia, an Island that captured their hearts with its majestic culture. UNIK's main partner and their team of independent makers have been bringing their designs to life since the launch of UNIKSPACE in 2018, and their pieces are carefully handmade by a small team of skilled makers, producing only in very limited numbers. Their approach is to work with the team collaboratively, growing and learning together. Producing in small numbers gives both parties the possibility to explore different designs and colourways, offering a broader range whilst it also reduces unnecessary wastage and avoids overproduction.
Unikspace is dedicated to using natural fabrics including linen, hemp, cotton and silk. Unikspace traceability goal for 2022 is to transition from conventional cotton to 100% organic cotton. For 2022 another goal is to focus on identifying chemical certifications for their 2023 sustainability roadmap.