Ziah was founded in 2015 by Fashion designer Erika Toscano with a vision to create authentic swimwear that honours the female form. In 2020, Ziah partnered with Australian ready to wear brand St. Agni to help bring Erika’s dream to life. Crafted in Australia from the finest textiles, their philosophy resists the fast-paced trend cycle, for a considered approach to life that prioritises the sensuality of how good-quality fabrics can feel against the skin. Ziah’s timeless design allows every piece to be worn outside of the pool or the beach. Ziah is wearable poetry, allowing the barest form of yourself to seep through.

Ziah Ziah
Ziah uses consciously sourced materials that minimise environmental impact. The main fabric and lining used in Ziah’s swimwear is Amni Soul Eco Biodegradable Polyamide. Amni Soul Eco branded fibres are designed to decompose in around five years when disposed of in well-controlled landfills. Amni Soul Eco is certified by Oeko-Tex 100 Standard that ensures no harmful substances are used in the production and dye process.
Ziah endeavours to achieve supply chain traceability from start to end and ethical working conditions throughout their entire supply chain. Ziah is built on the foundation of mindful manufacturing, with the environment and people at the forefront. Their manufacturers are Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) accredited. BSCI is an auditing program aimed at improving workplace conditions in accordance with human rights, ILO conventions and national labour law.
Ziah uses compostable poly bags to reduce the negative impact of using standard plastic. Swing tags are recyclable and hygiene stickers are made from a transparent high gloss film produced from wood pulp and backed in white glassine paper (100% recyclable and biodegradable).