In conversation with Sarah Lamkin, Co-founder of Miyako


Can you please share with our community a bit about yourself and why you started Miyako?

Myself and Charlotte met in Byron Bay, where we both shared a love for fashion and worked in the industry. We saw a gap in the market for creating feminine and sophisticated lingerie with considered fits, and so Miyako was born.

Were there any defining moments in your life that lead you to be the environmentally and socially conscious women you are today? How do you incorporate sustainability into your personal life?

Having both worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, we have witnessed the impact of design, production and branding decisions on the environment, and consumers’ purchasing behaviour. With Miyako we strive to make responsible, considered choices, from the fabrications we use, to the factories we work with and the packaging we pass onto customers. By launching collections slowly, in limited numbers, we also encourage our customers to shop well, and shop less.

Conscious loungewear and lingerie are the first words that come to mind when we think of Miyako, is this something you have always been passionate about?

It is definitely front of mind for us and always has been. Starting out, it was very challenging to find the right suppliers and source sustainable materials, while juggling finances. You learn a lot starting a business, especially when you care for the impact of the business on the earth. We continue to evolve and improve our practices with each collection, as it’s something we’re deeply passionate about.

We love that you design pieces that are crafted from sustainable fabrics with a romantic minimalist aesthetic whilst committed to transparency, can you share more about why this is so important to you and the world around you?

Thank you! We believe every Miyako wearer deserves a little romance. We both recharge from spending time at home with loved ones, and so we’ve created pieces that are perfect for those slow days - sleeping in, strolling to your favourite cafe, enjoying some sand or grass between your toes. We choose natural fabrications that are comfortable to wear, and are kind to the planet, and minimalist designs that always feel current.


There are little touches that always say Miyako to us throughout your collections, such as scallop detailing, pops of colour, streamlined silhouettes and natural fabrics. What is your signature piece or touch that you've become known for over the years?

Romance novels and vintage clothing are our main source of inspiration! These influences come through in every piece we design. We want women to feel comfortable in our pieces, while still feeling sexy. It’s why you’ll see an 80's cut brief in every collection. This particular shape elongates your legs, whilst still providing coverage. It’s our favourite shape, equal parts flattering and feminine.

Finally, we are always curious to know what's next for our favourite brands, can you give us a little hint of what the future of Miyako looks like?

Our dream for Miyako is to delve into new categories to offer sustainable designs beyond lingerie and loungewear. We would also like to expand our size range.

What are your slow living favourites?

Place: The beach, whichever one is closest to home.
Piece of advice: "The intimacy of learning to enjoy your own company is one like no other. Never expect anyone to love you better than you can love yourself." - @wetheurban
Quote: "I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it." Audrey Hepburn.
Muse: Em Rata
Read: The sun and her flowers, Rupi Kaur
Listen: Lovefool - The Cardigans


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