Slowe is an empowering destination for those seeking to shop sustainably and ethically without compromising their personal style. Slowe presents a curated selection of sustainable luxury brands that are innovators and creators of change within the fashion and beauty industry.


Slowe focuses on delivering a conscious luxury wardrobe - presenting modern, timeless pieces and stylish elevated essentials to our community. By making shopping within this space effortless and empowering we encourage our customers to purchase with intention while treading gently on our Earth.

Slowe removes the challenges of time, research and the complexity of sustainable and ethical information for our customers. We do so by showcasing the sustainable and ethical attributes of each brand, allowing our customers to enjoy a beautiful life while making conscious purchases. Slowe’s aim is to bridge the gap between convenience, style and sustainability.


Georgina Neill Ryan is the sustainably-minded and entrepreneurial spirit behind Slowe with years of key industry experience as a merchandise planner and buyer in the Australian and International market. Throughout her time in the fashion industry, Georgina observed the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry and the struggles for those seeking to make the switch to slow.

This invaluable insight led her to want to be a part of a solution. Determined to use her experience for good, Georgina uses her sharp eye for timeless and effortless style and her in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry to create Slowe’s unique sustainable buying strategy. From experiencing this world first hand, Georgina recognised the need and want to create a purpose-led brand that challenged the traditional fashion model.