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At Slowe we recognise the value of each product’s seed to shop journey and the people behind them. Therefore you will never find a discount, overstocking or destruction - as it goes against our strong principles, our reason for existing. Our future changing brands undertake a journey assessment for us to identify their practices and sustainable attributes, to ensure we are the most trusted destination for those seeking sustainable brands and honest luxury.

The fashion industry is long known for its social and human impacts from exploitation of garment workers, forced labour, poor working conditions and the lack of a living wage. At Slowe it is our mission to transform the fashion industry and by doing so connect and support brands that are honest and transparent about their supply chain - ensuring safe working conditions, freedom of association, payment of a living wage and gender equality. The standards and certifications considered under this attribute include SA8000, SMETA, Business Social Compliance Initiative, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Trade Mark and locally made.
The fashion industry perpetuates huge environmental problems and is the second largest polluting industry in the world. Major problems include GHG emissions from global supply chains, overproduction and wastage of garments, waterway pollution from chemicals in dying, the use of pesticides and fertilisers, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity and ecosystems from cultivation of non organic fibres. To achieve a brighter future and a healthy planet we must be open to sustainable innovation that uses environmentally friendly technologies across considered production, processes, materials and ingredients. The standards and certifications considered under this attribute include the Global Organic Textiles Standard, Organic Content Standard, Econyl, Repreve, Oeko-Tex, BlueSign The Leather Working Group, Circular and Regenerative models.
Slowe expects the highest standards of care and treatment of all animals and we choose to invest in brands that ensure their supply chains promote humane treatment of any animal and the Five Freedoms of animal welfare. The standards and certifications considered under this attribute include Responsible Wool Standard, Responsible Down Standard, Vegan and Cruelty Free.
We understand the journey towards sustainability is a long but worthy one and we recognise the further commitments our brands are making towards a brighter future for People, Planet and Animals. Our brands are making ambitious leaps and bounds to empower, educate and make a difference in the community. Creating positive impact doesn't stop with simply the accreditations and conscious practices, but expand to the meaningful commitments brands make to creating change. Commitments such as partnering with aligned charities, aiding communities, implementing a supplier code of conduct and sustainable strategies.



Slowe focuses on delivering a conscious luxury wardrobe, presenting modern, timeless pieces & stylish elevated essentials to our customers. So each piece is considered a forever-loved staple & encourages better, sustainable buying habits.


We focus on buying smaller collections thereby minimising overproduction. This is a core foundation on which Slowe was created.


At Slowe, we recognise the value of sustainable luxury and a product’s “seed to shop” journey. We, therefore, do not believe in devaluing a brand’s creation, the makers, resources & time behind each item. As part of our ‘sustainable merchandising model’, we order according to our customer demand & therefore do not participate in in-season & end of season discounts for home, clothing & beauty products. Discounting promotes unnecessary, hyper consumerism, so by not providing the temptation, we believe we can encourage our customers to take a slow and mindful approach to conscious purchasing.


We do not destroy products at the end of their product life cycle. We do this by creating innovative ways & campaigns to ensure no item is left unloved.


We strongly promote & support a brand’s approach to season-less movements & timeless collections. At Slowe, we do not have a traditional seasonal calendar but align with our clothing & beauty brands’ movements.